What Makes a Good ACT Score

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If you are serious about getting in to the best university, you need to take your ACT scores seriously as well. The higher you get, the highest being 36, the more likely you get admitted to a “highly selective” or “elite” university.

But what are ACT scores anyway? You earn it through a four-part examination: English Language, Reading, Mathematics, and Science. The score in each part range from 1 to 36, the latter being the highest, which are then averaged to generate your composite score used by most colleges. The average composite score is about 21, but many elite universities accept students with higher composite scores. Some ACT examinations also come with essay writing, which is scored on a 12-point scale. The average score is between 7 and 8.

If you get an ACT score between 34 and 36, consider yourself lucky because youare among the top 1% of test takers in the country. Each univeristy has a different “minimum” ACT score requirement. Check out this link for more information on admissions data of major universities and colleges in the United States.

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